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My Process! How I Do It

General FAQ and Process

I approach my craft in a sort of holistic way, making sure each facet of the piece is all-honoring, from the sourcing of the specimen, to the materials of the medium used, the botanical elements and even my packaging. When I first started this journey, I began with resin as a means of preservation but through my growth and progress I've discovered a far more sustainable and earth-honoring medium. Now, each and every frame I use is upcycled and repurposed, all plants are either found or grown myself, all packaging is second-hand and recyclable and of course the bugs are always ethically sourced.

Keep reading for some frequently asked questions ~

Where do you get bugs from? / "Did you catch all of these??"

(I commonly tell people this is my favorite question). I source my bugs from an ethical and sustainable wholesaler, which is a commonality in the bug world. Due to the fragility and short lifespan of most insects, there are countless people around the world who dedicate themselves to repopulating certain bugs via conservation; in this case, not only do these efforts help sustain population numbers but more often than not encourage population increase -- an overall tremendous gain to biodiversity!

Butterflies and moths in particular only live a few weeks out of their pupate form, so all bugs you see in my shop had lived their full, beautiful life and died of natural causes, while also doing their part to ensure the longevity of their species. A win for science and art. 

Do you pin all the bugs yourself?

I do! It was something I self-learned completely by trial and error (quad scorpio things) and has been one of the more challenging aspects of my craft but I can confidently say I greatly benefited from the time and practice. However I still sweat like a dog when I pin bugs (its so stressful!)

How do you prepare a bug?

Once bugs have died their bodies tense up, as most dead things do, so they must be rehydrated to be malleable again. There are a number of ways to do this (bamboo dumpling steamers, professional-grade rehydrator, etc) but I just use tupperware, a spray bottle and my fridge :)

Do you ship?

I do offer shipping on pieces, and commonly do ship, although I like to emphasize that many of my pieces are incredibly fragile and while I do try my best to package them safely to the best of my ability, I unfortunately can not 100% guarantee safe arrival.

Do you ever do custom commission pieces?

I do and I love custom commissions! I really enjoy working with clients on putting together all their favorite elements to make one perfect piece that we both are completely in love with! My commissions are always open, send me a message and let's talk about it!

Have a question I didn't answer?

Ask below!

Thanks! I'll try to answer promptly. 

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