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About the Art

Artemis and the Moon started as a pandemic project; an exhausted, defeated, desperate attempt of control and understanding -- of purpose. Since I can remember, Artemis has been my matriarch, existing to me as a symbol of pure adoration for the wild, a fierce companion and protectress, someone so absolutely themselves since the moment they were born, as the myths tell it. It has been through her, I have always learned to live my life. In my professional life, it's through my environmental sustainability career field, in my personal life it is activated in my close magickal work with Artemis. And then, through this work, it was the physicality of it all -- the tangible craft I could step back from and see myself, her, nature, beauty, death, the intangible wild, all in one.

I decided to share this intensely personal part of me with my local community and it has been so beautifully embraced by my friends, peers, other artists in the community and outside, including people on the internet that don't know me or even probably of Artemis, and for that I feel the most grateful to be able to create.

About the Artist

Artie (they/them)


Artie is a St. Pete transplant since 2017 and fell in love with the city upon arrival. As a devoted lover and steward of nature and all that reside in it, they took quickly to the area's unique and incredible ecosystems. They finished their bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and Policy (with a sustainability concentration) at USFSP Summer of 2021 and has since pivoted all their time and energy to investing into their small business and finally attending in-person markets! Through this, Art was able to establish a maker's market of their own, now in its third year of life.

New Moon Maker's Market has been warmly embraced by the local St. Petersburg art community in an unbelievable way and now occur monthly following the Moon Cycle. New Moon Makers' Market is an indie market that gives smaller artists and makers the opportunity to interact with their local community and potential customers. The market is proudly all-inclusive, acting as both a safe space for queer and POC residents of the local area, as well as a magickal environment for the community to be together under the stars once a month.

You can read more here and follow along for future dates and announcements!

Due to the recent social and economic collapse of St. Pete, (including Artie being forced out of their beloved 100+ year old bungalow and subsequently watching it be torn down) in tandem with the exhaustion that comes with hearing the constant horror stories of their friends and colleagues being forced out of their homes due to predatory practices, etc, Art and their partner made the huge and scary decision to leave their homestate all together. This past spring they moved to the Appalachian mountains to start over and build their life from the ground up once more, but this time, something that can never be taken from them. So far they are both completely in love with the change of pace and the kindness of their neighbors and community members and can't wait to watch the years pass.

Screen Shot 2023-09-05 at 1.34.44 PM.png

Perhaps the most important part of Artie's life is their beautiful animal children; their earthbound family consists of their familiar Nyx, Daughter of Chaos, and demon puppy in training, Jupiter Chrysanthemum who joined the pack in 2021.

Two of Artie's children are passed on, forever running through the Elysian Fields; the first being Orion, the sweetest boy ever along with his best friend, Art's first familiar and first born, Ghost.

Ghost passed suddenly from complications with cancer in April of 2021, the shock subsequently putting this whole project on hold for the better part of a year. Ghost was immensely loved by his friends and strangers alike and touched the hearts of every single person that ever happened upon him; he was regally revered online (as is deserved) and leaves a huge legacy behind. Ghost was and still is an instrumental facet of my identity and I owe everything to him.

I miss you.

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