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Celebrating the beautiful wild with one-of-a-kind pieces that honor both life and death.

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Artemis, Goddess of the Moon

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, animals and, of course, the moon, twin sister to Apollo, God of the Sun. Once she was born, she sat upon her father Zeus's lap and told him of all she wanted: a bow and arrow, like her brother's, but silver and laden with stars, a pack of wild dogs to accompany her on her hunts, and a short tunic, unlike any of the other Goddess's -- the better to run in.


She found her home in the forests and ran wild with a band of nymphs; the myths recall them hunting through the days and returning home to dance under the stars. Artemis was a perfect shot and acted as a patron and violent protector of women and young girls. She preferred her untamed forests, her wild animals and solitude. Artemis represents the unadulterated feminine; the true, wild form of woman and nature, as one. 

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Always ethically sourced, always made with respect and adoration

Artemis and the Moon

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