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est. oct 2021

Learn about the birth of the market, our mission statement and upcoming market dates.

Read along to learn how you can apply to be a vendor or volunteer!

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Our Story

New Moon Makers’ Market was crafted with the intention of providing an inclusive communal space, between two recently graduated environmental scientists/besties/artists/eclectics/weirdos who wanted to bring something new and unique to the St. Pete creative community. Artie and Maissie struggled with having their crafts truly appreciated, as Art's medium of choice is dead bugs (a bit odd, sure) and Maissie's being anything and everything kitschy and tacky (their words!), from bead bikinis to Lisa Frank sticker collage portraits. Both had their own small businesses already, but struggled to find like-minded purveyors of the different and weird and fun and crazy. Time after time the pair found themselves out of place in their own community and desperate for something different. 

It felt like their passion was too big for the opportunities that the city offered. So after enough frustration, the pair decided to take matters into their own hands. New Moon Makers Market was born to the world in 2021, in Maissie's backyard on a beautiful October evening. It went better than they could have ever imagined and after a weekend of reeling from pure love and magic, they decided this thing was more special than they ever could have planned for. The community's response was incredible! So the market grew and grew.

​As of now, New Moon Makers Market is on their eighth event, each bigger and better than the last, and of course each with its learning curves and struggles. This market continues to provide a safe space for people from all walks of life to be themselves and dance under the stars with our community that we love so very much. The market found its permanent home at Retrospect Furniture, a mid-century vintage furniture on 16th Street and occurs on a monthly basis following the New Moon cycle. New Moon Makers Market features a wide variety of different makers and artists, all so beautifully different in their own creative way; the unique and vast difference in art, and it all finding its common ground in this space we’ve created, is what makes this market so special and rare to us.

We love this work and we love this community. Thank you for being a part of it ♥

Meet your Host

Artie + Maissie met when they both started their Environmental Science + Policy degree at USF in 2018 and become fast friends, bonding through their love of sustainability, Florida's unique ecosystem and how weird they both were. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Contact Us

Become a part of New Moon Makers Market! If you'd like to apply to be a vendor of volunteer please fill out the google forms below! If you have any questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out! Follow our instagram for even more on events and special info on merch and more.

@newmoonmakersmarket on instagram

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